Welcome to Worldphoneize!

Boost Shopify conversions by automatically showing each visitor a phone number that is local to them.


Welcome to Worldphoneize! Got questions? Let us try to answer them...

Our incredibly easy-to-use app will automatically determine where visitors are located, attempt to match their location to one of your existing phone numbers, and - if you don't have an office in every country yet - even give you the option of adding a forwarding number in 6 countries (with more coming soon!)

What does it do for visitors to my shop?

  • Every visitor to your online shop can see a phone number that's local to them
  • This means they feel at home - and so they're more likely to buy from you

What does it do for me?

  • It helps you convert - because when visitors feel at home, they'll buy more
  • It does geolocation automatically and takes only a couple of clicks to set up
  • You can buy forwarding numbers in places you don't yet have an office

How easy is it to use?

  • We think it's incredibly easy to use; you'll be done in just a couple of clicks
  • Adding the local number capabilities require no changes to your theme
  • You don't even need to change your existing site content and there's no coding

Do I have to pay?

  • Nope! Geo-location to display your existing local numbers costs nothing
  • That's free for everyone regardless of store size, turnover, or pageviews
  • You'll only pay if you choose to activate any forwarding numbers

What are these forwarding numbers?

  • No office in a country yet? No problem! Get a forwarding number there
  • We'll automatically forward calls received on this number to your main number
  • You can keep track of the number of calls and their total duration
  • You can update your main destination number at any time
  • We forward calls on to most worldwide landline numbers and many mobiles

Will my visitors realise they're calling a forwarding number?

  • No, probably not - the dialtone is matched to the number and it feels fully local

Can I use my forwarding numbers elsewhere - eg in offline leaflets?

  • Yes! If you activate a forwarding number, it's only allocated to you
  • That means you can choose to use it in your offline materials too
  • To keep it running you'll need to keep subscribing to Shopify and to our app
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